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the largest and grandest Hindu temples in java Indonesia

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Prambanan is the largest and most magnificent Hindu temple ever built in ancient Java, the construction of royal Hindu temple was started by the Rakai Pikatan as opposed to a Buddhist temple of Borobudur temple and also Sewu located not far from Prambanan. Some historians have long suspected that the construction of grand Hindu temple to mark the return to power Sanjaya family on Java, it is related to the theory of twin different dynasty competing beliefs; the Sanjaya dynasty dynasty Sailendra Hindus and Buddhists. Surely, with the construction of this temple marks the return Saiwa Hinduism has the support of the royal family, after the previous dynasty tended to be more supportive Sailendra Mahayana Buddhism. This marks the kingdom Medang switch focus their religious support, from Mahayana Buddhism to the cult of Shiva.
The building was first built in 850 AD by the Rakai Pikatan and sustainably enhanced and expanded by King and King Balitung Lokapala Maha Sambu. Based on Siwagrha inscription dates to 856 AD, a shrine was built to glorify the god Shiva, and the original name of this building is Siwagrha in Sanskrit (Sanskrit: Shiva-Graha which means: 'The house of Shiva') or Siwalaya (Sanskrit: Shiva-laya which means: 'aspect of Shiva' or 'Natural Shiva'). In this inscription mentioned that during the construction of the temple Siwagrha underway, the public works carried out are also changes in order to move the flow of river water near this temple. The river in question is Opak river that flows from north to south along the west side of the temple complex of Prambanan. Historians suspect that the original flow of the river is turned curved to the east, and is considered too close to the temple so that erosion of the river can be dangerous to the construction of the temple. Water system project is done by creating a new river that cuts sodetan river curved to the north-south axis along the west wall outside the temple complex. Former native streams and then backfilled to provide a wider field for the construction of a row of ancillary temples (temple or temple guards escort). Some archaeologists argue that statues of Shiva in garbhagriha (main hall) in the temple of Shiva as the main temple is a statue of the king Balitung embodiment, as the statue of his posthumous pedharmaan. The name Prambanan, derived from the name of the village where the temple stood, is thought to change the name of the dialect Java language from "The Brahman," which may refer to the heyday of this temple which formerly filled by the Brahmins. This building complex on a regular basis continues to be refined by the kings of Mataram Medang next, as the king Daksha and Tulodong, and expanded by building hundreds of additional temples around the main temple. Because of the grandeur of this temple, Prambanan temple serves as a great kingdom of Mataram, where a main important royal ceremonies. At the height of its power, historians suspect that hundreds of Brahmin priests and students gathered outside the temple courtyard and inhabit it to study the Vedas and perform various Hindu rituals and ceremonies. While the center of the kingdom or empire of Mataram palace supposedly located somewhere on the plains near the Prambanan Kewu.
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