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Looking at the World's New 7 Wonders of Heaven From the Top

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The New Open World Corporation announced the new 7 wonders of the world (New Seven Wonders of the World) is based on the acquisition of voting results. Any controversy arising in connection with the election of the new seven wonders of the world.I got involved in the voting, and was glad of my choice into the seven wonders of the world. Though I myself have never visited these places. Maybe just a dream if I can visit and make a real trip to get there.I also do a virtual tour using Google Earth technology. Especially now, GE has been equipped with facilities Panoramio which allows us to see the photo somewhere of the various points of view submitted by many contributors.The following is the appearance of the new seven wonders of the world as seen from the sky:Taj Mahal, IndiaSymbol of love and desireCoordinates:27 ° 10'30 .00 "N 78 ° 2'31 .48" EColosseum, RomeSymbol of pleasure and painCoordinates:41 ° 53'24 .83 "N 12 ° 29'33 .09" EGreat Wall of China, ChinaA testament to perseverance and strong determinationCoordinates:40 ° 21'21 .03 "N 116 ° 0'33 .88" EPetra, JordanSymbol of engineering expertise and protectionCoordinates:30 ° 19'23 .64 "N 35 ° 26'54 .83" EChichen Itza, MexicoSymbols of worship and knowledgeCoordinates:20 ° 40'54 .32 "N 88 ° 34'8 .91" WMachu Picchu, PeruA symbol of dedication and communityCoordinates:13 ° 9'47 .76 "S 72 ° 32'44 .75" WJesus the Redeemer statue, BrazilChrist the Redeemer stands to welcome the opennessCoordinates:22 ° 57'6 .72 "S 43 ° 12'38 .01" WGreat Pyramid of Giza, EgyptA symbol of immortality and eternal lifeCoordinates:29 ° 58'42 .28 "N 31 ° 8'3 .18" E
Election by voting is more appropriate to view the 7 wonders of the world are popular not see which one is best.In addition to the popularity also illustrates how a united people to fight for historic heritage sites. It can be seen from the persistence and unity of Brazil to win the Memorial Statue of Christ the Redeemer. Also the Indians to win the Taj Mahal, and the Jordan to Petra victory.
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