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three types of climate that affect the climate in Indonesia

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In Indonesia there are three types of climate that affect the climate in Indonesia, namely climatic season (monsoon), tropica climates (hot climate), and ocean climate. Season Climate (Climate Monsoons are therefore) This type of climate is strongly influenced by seasonal wind changes every period. Usually a change in the monsoon period is 6 months. Climate season consists of two types, namely the southwest monsoon (West Monsoons are therefore) and the northeast monsoon (Monsoons are therefore Tumur). West monsoon winds blowing around October to April wet season, so bring rain / wet. East monsoon winds blowing around the month of April to October the dry nature of the resulting parts of Indonesia experience drought / dry. Climate Tropical / Tropical (Hot Climate) Region around the equator will automatically have a tropical climate is hot and has only two seasons, namely dry season and rainy season. Southeast Asia region generally has a tropical climate, while the European countries and North America have a subtropical climate. The tropical climate of Indonesia is hot so hot that invites a lot of rainfall or rain Up Tropical. Marine Climate Indonesia is an archipelagic country with a lot of sea areas resulting evaporation of sea water into the air humid and high rainfall.
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