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latest love sms collection

Si cantik yay day On 09/08/12 | 23.28

latest love sms collection latest love sms collected for couples who like to send to you. Okay dah most basic, direct sms love ya see it bwt mlm bintanglah special reply,
bwt who kumbanglah special interest,
but bwt aq, which only kmulah special PLG ...
close your eyes,,
heningny night together
Pick flowers dream
fingers with softness
sleep with a million dreams,
return until the morning comes
greet you with a smile
All the famous painter,
able and can paint the face Your Beauty,
on canvas,
But maybe it just me who can be painted,
in the liver.
Could MENTARI biting MOON?
Could DAY NIGHT met?
AIR API Could be friends?
Could it turn into a REAL DREAM?
"SIGNAL" Rinduku as strong as "Indosat" wide range "Telkomsel" clear "PRO XL" who shine bagaekan "MENTARI" Aq ... please,, "VOUCHER" our friendship had not cracked and discharged from,,, Love is not semuranh "PRIME" is always "FREE" "roaming" not ever die like "U.S.". honestly all that because I'm "sympathy" tuk always remember the Q.
Unfortunately .. maybe my love for you no more than a dim candle light sependar shine a bright light amid thousands of others .. but I'm let it remain on dihatimu cayaha, because someday it will shine more brightly when the light goes out ... Luv U. others.
Every morning dew come and bring peace a few seconds ..
Peace be with you every second of it was ...
"Poor marksman you must have it? .."
"Lost the right eye gaze really pierced my heart"
"Your mother gardener yah?" ..
"Then why whenever I see you my heart so flowery"
Now I know eh ga lg kecil2an nih.yang I open a shop selling only the heart and love, many still want to buy tp ga I love because I just wanted to sell it at you with cuma2.
Do not wrap the roses wrapped disappear when the juice had a boyfriend do not cut that severed her hurt
latest love sms collection
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